Thursday, 3 December 2009

NVidia Reality Server

The idea of having servers do the heavy lifting for 3D rendering has some pluses, esp for mobile devices. Nvidia's solution is their Reality Server hardware and software...

Dark Void

Here is a short but sweet cinematic trailer for the upcoming capcom game Dark Void. There is some cool design work on display, mixing hyper-modern tech with old stylings to great effect.

MAD architecture

Chinese architecture and urban design firm MAD have some fascinating designs built, under construction and proposed. Browsing through their site and indeed coverage of their ideas on the Inhabitat blog it is fun to see designs like this flowing out of China. One thing that is completely staple now in any practice creating Architecture at this leading edge is the total immersion into digital processes and applications.

Check some of these images of their work.

[images of MAD's architectural design work via their site]

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

High FPS bullet vid

Just a quick vid post showing some rather incredible ultra-slow-mo video of bullets crashing into and through all manner of things. Seeing how the materials splinter, erupt and fracture is mesmarising really fascinating and reveals gaps between reality and our expectations.
Check more details via Vizworld.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Liquid Lichtner

There is something special about a piece of stunning comic art that brings together a characterful concept, emotive pencils, dynamic inking and fleshed out with rich colour. If we take a little look at that last step, one cool digital colourist is Christian Lichtner, half of the Liquid duo.

There is a nice interview on the GamersDigArt blog from last year when he was working on Marvel Ultimates #3 on stunning pencils by Joe Madureira. His Deviant Art Gallery is beautiful to see, here are a few images to inspire a closer look, inspired stuff by Joe Mad and the Lich.

[Comic imagery by Joe Madureira and Christian Lichtner via his DeviantArt page]

Clarity and GSB

Thinking through story/concept ideas for my next animation piece I have been looking at ideas of clarity and purpose. It is really nice how a strong concept carries with it all manner of secondary decisions to build a stronger whole.
Some of the ideas bouncing around my sketchbook are trying hard on this front, things like "Freckles vs Ninjas" which is fighting for room on the pages with all manner of zany looking robots, orks, nagas, zombies and more.


Diving off on a tangent, where a single strong idea becomes a computer game - I noticed a new game on Steam while testing things. Gratuitous Space Battles looks like lots of fun. Brings back fond memories of Homeworld actually.