Monday, 21 December 2009

AMNH Digital Universe

Here is a stunning video by the American Museum of Natural History showing our planet Earth in relation to he known universe. It does gloss over galactic structures and super-clusters etc that could have been fun - but it is a very nice piece of scientific visualisation using their datasets.

Stompy Robot Video

Here is a very cool animation piece by Federiko Alvarez out of Uruguay. Reports (like this one) are claiming extremely low budget figures and seem to give Fede credit for everything, regardless it is very neato stuff. If the reports are true he has been offered some more serious cash to create a larger film. Anyhow - check out the vid:

I will have to check out the sites with more of his work a Aparato and Murdoc.

Avatar Visuals

Here are a few more images from the Avatar Flickr site which show off how gorgeous this film iss. I am just building up the enthusiasm to go see it again later this week maybe. The detail and realism in the images is wonderful, I like the geometric cammo pattern to help differentiate the technological humans from the natural aliens.

[Avatar imagery via the official Flickr site]

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Iron Man 2

The trailer for the next instalment of Favreau's Iron Man is out and looks great. It may not have the luxury of the 'origin' story to tell, but there seems to be plenty going on that should be great to see. Iron Man 2 will be with us in 2010 and I am looking forward to seeing if the effects work has me gasping as they did in the first.


Watched the intro episodes of Stargate Universe on the 10 website a few days ago. I thought it was quite a dramatic beginning with some interesting characters and clearly extending the mythology of things another step forward.

There are a few decent effects shots with cool spacecraft feeling impressive above planets and so forth. Here are a few pics also from the channel 10 site for SGU - not sure what this will look like for those outside Australia. I am keen to see how it evolves from here, how the arcs start to evolve.

[Stargate Universe images via the 10 site for it]