Friday, 1 January 2010

Autodesk Reels

Autodesk owns 3D at the production end and here are some reels to add the exclamation point:

2009 Review

Here are some 2009 year in review type vids for us:

First up - GameTrailers game of the year award winner:

There is Dead Pixel's quirky take on things.


For me, here is my off_the_top_of_my_head attempt at best moments in 2009:

Game : iPhone Flight Control
I havent done that much gaming in 2009, but I did play a Flight Control, nice use of the platform - and rather addictive...

Tech : Magic Mouse
While I am still not using one - this is a very cool idea that continues to put Apple's designers ahead of the curve.

Cinema : Avatar 3D
This could have gone to several other contenders, but being immersed in James Cameron's world in huge 3D was something very special.

Creation : Avril the Yawnosaur
This narrative video has plenty of my ideas baked into it and shows some group-work realisation as well. The fully Maya'ed up version of the Oinkfrog model and rig may be disappointed with the decision.

TV : Flash Forward Ep1
While I really loved some of the latest Heroes, the arrival of a cool new concept in style is always great. Have to post-script this with sport viewing, it is great to see how remarkable narratives unfold in sport all the time with no scripting at all - amazing.

Book : Marvel's Wizard of Oz
This blog is more a CG-thing, but books/graphic novels often spawn great CG works, so choosing a book in this vain seems sane and this little comic is beautiful.

Trailer : Star Wars The Old Republic
Remarkable energisation of an already rich universe.

Human : Tim Burton
Strange choice perhaps, but his continued reinvention and stylistic creations are an inspiration.

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Dark Knight

I was thinking back on just how powerful the effect of The Dark Knight was, so I stayed up late and watched the BluRay last night. It is still a heavy piece of cinema, the Joker is wonderfully conceived and realised becoming the catalyst around which all the other characters need to find themselves and reveal who they really are.

I think I will watch through the full Star Wars saga over the next day or so - plus do some year in review type posts and may even get to my end2009 reel...

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

WoWing with the Family

The Chilli sisters (Kischilli, Nachilli and Alichilli) have been having a great time together over the holidays. There is something fun about the 3 of us playing together, rather than going off on our separate ways. We had a super super time going through Scarlet Monastery and we are now 42 and really enjoying the 3-caster-combo. The kids are also enjoying the breadth of the game with trades, achievements and all the holiday fun.

Dragon Training

[Theatrical poster for How to Train Your Dragon]

The second of the 3D trailers we saw at Avatar was for How to Train Your Dragon, a new 3D animated film from Dreamworks. I am not sure about this one yet, though the various dragon designs look fun and animation more than just engaging.

Tim Burton's Alice

[Alice in Wonderland theatrical poster via Wikipedia]

One of the 2 trailers we got to see at the Avatar 3D screening was Tim Burton's take on Alice in Wonderland. This is the kind of story that is well suited to the quirky tales and visuals that Tim likes to weave together for us. Disney will bring their stamp to the project as well of course and it looks luscious. JUst have a look at the website to see how rich it all is:

[Alice in Wonderland website capture]

Here are the links to the Youtube vids for the trailers - looking good:


Sunday, 27 December 2009

Toy Shelf

I have a few more figures on my growing toy shelf. 3 figures from the Tim Burton series from Dark Horse, namely Brie Boy, Staring Girl and The Pin Cushion Queen are very cool in both design and workmanship. The little set of Tin Tin with Snowy on the moon gives me fond memories.

I also found Sideshow Collectibles as a good site to see other inspirational pieces I would love to have - money being a serious impediment. Here are a few images from the range shown on the site:

[Collectible figure images via Sideshow Collectibles]

AVATAR again

Watching AVATAR again on the IMAX 3D screen was wonderful. I dont generally see films twice at the cinema, that is mighty rare, so it does speak to the quality of the film both as a tale and as technological milestone.

There is a cool article by Leonard Teo in the January 3D World Mag which covers some of the technological work required to bring the epic to the screen. I wont spoil it all, but here are a few stats from the article covering their rendering hardware: 4,352 render machines armed with 34,186 cores and 104TB of RAM - that is some serious firepower.
The article has some lovely imagery from the film as well - as it should.

I am sure the concept art for the film is also something to behold - The Art of Avatar: James Cameron's Epic Adventure book might be one to grab.

[Avatar concept art preview images via Amazon, Filmfilia etc]