Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 Review

Here are some 2009 year in review type vids for us:

First up - GameTrailers game of the year award winner:

There is Dead Pixel's quirky take on things.


For me, here is my off_the_top_of_my_head attempt at best moments in 2009:

Game : iPhone Flight Control
I havent done that much gaming in 2009, but I did play a Flight Control, nice use of the platform - and rather addictive...

Tech : Magic Mouse
While I am still not using one - this is a very cool idea that continues to put Apple's designers ahead of the curve.

Cinema : Avatar 3D
This could have gone to several other contenders, but being immersed in James Cameron's world in huge 3D was something very special.

Creation : Avril the Yawnosaur
This narrative video has plenty of my ideas baked into it and shows some group-work realisation as well. The fully Maya'ed up version of the Oinkfrog model and rig may be disappointed with the decision.

TV : Flash Forward Ep1
While I really loved some of the latest Heroes, the arrival of a cool new concept in style is always great. Have to post-script this with sport viewing, it is great to see how remarkable narratives unfold in sport all the time with no scripting at all - amazing.

Book : Marvel's Wizard of Oz
This blog is more a CG-thing, but books/graphic novels often spawn great CG works, so choosing a book in this vain seems sane and this little comic is beautiful.

Trailer : Star Wars The Old Republic
Remarkable energisation of an already rich universe.

Human : Tim Burton
Strange choice perhaps, but his continued reinvention and stylistic creations are an inspiration.

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