Thursday, 28 January 2010

The iPad

Well Apple's much anticipated new piece of hardware has arrived. It certainly isnt perfect, but it may well be another genre defining piece of kit. Apple and their designers have done a great job over the years of creating new hardware elements that shift the balance and I think this will be another. There is certainly a trend away from grunty volume to small, thin, light and underpowered, but sexy, simple and joyous - enter the iPad.

[Promo images of the new iPad via the Apple site]

I clearly hadnt been paying much attention to the rumours around the device. I was kinda hoping for a graphics tablet, a device that all graphics design people would call their own. Perhaps like a Cintiq tablet welded to a MacbookPro. I was way off, maybe I will get my wish one day. Anyhow, the iPad we get is really a giant iPhone with a super touch screen - and that is still pretty cool.

Check sites like Cult_of_Mac for all the goss, plus links to the Steve Jobbs videos etc etc.

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