Monday, 4 January 2010


Watched Miyazaki's Ponyo for the first time yesterday and it is delightful. It is such a happy little tale in fact that it only has glimpses of the quirkiness that he films bring forth for me. Even if it deosnt seem to have the same level of depth as some of the others (I love Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away) - it certainly is adorably cute.
As usual there are some lovely character additions that flesh out the film for me, the mum's crazy driving and the old ladies are great.

There are a few Ghibli blogs and sites out there, I quite like the Ghibli Blog or better the Ghiblicon.

[Ponyo pics via the Ghibli Blog]

Here is the Japanese trailer, nice to see how the translation works:

The running on the waves and meeting sequence is just sooo cute!!!


I really need to get more of the Ghibli films - have 3 on DVD now - lots more to go.
Hmmm I can hear the words "You only have 17 DVDs" a nice reference for those who know it...

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