Monday, 25 January 2010

Star Trek BluRay

With some enthusiasm spurned on by the Star Trek Universe game idea and memories of Star Trek at the cinema - I was looking forward to Star Trek on BluRay. Clearly for good reason as the experience is terrific, from the visuals, audio and production through to the great rebooted characters and the action pacing of their introductions and interactions.

We actually watched it yesterday and today again - loved it both times. Ok, there are some strange bits if you start to question things or look too closely, but it is Star Trek, so lets just not do that. After all ever piece of technology and how it functions is totally for the purposes of plot advancement and character development, not for internal consistency or logic.

[Image/Wallpaper from the Star Trek movie via the official site]

I hope, for the game player's sakes, that they can somehow bring this level of excitement in their universe to life for people.

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