Monday, 25 January 2010

UP dvd

Was very much looking forward to seeing this latest work from the masters at Pixar, not having seen it at the cinema. Even though John Lassiter was just Producing here, there are no slouches at Pixar for sure. Up, certainly doesnt disappoint, we are gifted with a lovingly told story with the characteristic funny moments and great characters.

The sequence covering Carl's past is lovely to watch, presented with no dialog or narrative, we see his life unfolding with great emotion and clarity. Dug is great and brings some humour to the actually rather scary dogs and their master.

Visually it is beautiful, we have colour everywhere and it is used with great joy from the balloons to Kevin's plumage. The official site carries this on with some lovely Flash work, here are some of images via Filmofilia which really do present the design and rendering class on show here:

[Images from Up via the Filmofilia site]

Alas no 3D experience for me at home, perhaps one day... Here are a few of Pixar's video links on youtube:
Trailer 3
Pixar talking about the film

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