Friday, 5 February 2010

864 thousand teapots

When I got in this morning Max and the computer seem to have caught up a little with my 864,000 teapot instances. So I could actually move around (sort of) in the viewport (with no settings changed yet). This screenshot is zoomed in a bit so you can really see that all those little specs are really teapots. The file is now a touch over 1.5GB - instancing is still blowing out the file more than I expected considering how my instancing tests went. I had a plan to unlink them all - but things arent responsive enough to attempt that :-)
The limit seems to be RAM and Max, Windows7 and the computer itself are fully responsive. Max does throw things at lots of the cores, but often just in little spurts with the guts going to 1 or 2. Max is taking 10+ GB of the 12GB of RAM - this seems to be the killer at the moment...

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