Monday, 1 February 2010

Twilight and Screenplays

I was watching the Twilight bluray last night, and still beautiful it is in HD, particularly the nature sequences and all those close-ups of our love-struck duo. On the bluray side, while it may be the only HD format these days, it still seems like a special solution, rather than the only solution. Mac still don't have it on their computers, the drives aren't standard and are still expensive etc etc. Maybe if all movies were released only on bluray, but had a DVD in the case if you need it - that would help...

Anyhow, back to the film, what I was enjoying most (having seen it several times) was the writing/directing - not that I have any expertise in these areas. It is all the incidental things that combine to draw us into the characters and their world. The sequence out the front of Charlie's place when Bella gets the truck as an example, we get shown the relationship between these 4 characters, their histories, mannerisms and current awkwardness. At the same time other traits are reinforced, Bella opens the door into Jacob - nice touch that I admire in the writing/directing and something that shows off skills in the craft for me.

Sooo, I am intent on attempting to get this level of writing into my next project, be that Femto Freckles, Greeblie's Guilde, Elementals vs Golems or something else...

Here is an HD shot from the film via a MovieWallpapers blog.

[Twilight HD screenshot of Bella and the truck via MovieWallpapers]

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