Saturday, 13 February 2010

Unite 09 vids

There are a suite of videos from the Unite09 conference from the end of last year on the Unity site. They are a pretty good way to get a feel for the capabilities of the Unity3D engine and get a glimpse of some of the successes and current projects working with the tools. The videos are pretty big - be warned.

Anyhow, some of the highlights for me included seeing how the engine handles animations, character rigs and events - quite technical in places which was great. The guest part of the Keynote was really interesting stuff, Richard Hilleman, Chief Creative Director of EA had some great insights into gaming and where things are headed. The rule of the non-gamer seems well and truly upon us. I liked seeing what they were doing with the new Tiger Woods Online, that the game follows you around and even playing solo you get to see other people's balls flying around as well - very neat.

[images from Tiger Woods Online via the]

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