Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Alice in 3D

Had a great time with the kids watching Tim Burton's 3D take Alice in Wonderland. As always with his films, a real visual treat wound between a suite of interesting characters and the dynamics between them.

[Poster for Alice in Wonderland via the Official Site]

The whole thing has an exuberance and child-like quality that is quite nice, though a little melodramatic. I enjoyed the use of the 3D, for the most part it just being there - adding to the immersion and here and there playing with the new toy. Technically the integration of the live action and digital was well done, given the hyper-colour-feel of Wonderland. The world feels consistent throughout from character to character, which was pretty important to make the whole thing work. But the world is so much more than that, the actual places are great great great.

Here is the trailer in all its glory:

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