Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Arch Viz and Viktor Fretyan

[Architectural Visualisation by Viktor Fretyan via]

With session in full swing here at Built Environment UNSW I feel drawn a little more to posts like this one on the blogosphere by Andrew Price who has drawn together 20 Architectural Renders from all over the place. Have a look through the range of imagery and particularly the role that light plays in them. The image that drew me to the post in the first place was the one above by Viktor Fretyan, that does everything right. If I was told it was a photo I would accept that it was a very nicely setup piece of architectural photography.

Here are a few others that I hope the students will aspire to over the coming weeks. These are all from Viktor's CGSociety Portfolio. (go to the site for the full size versions, these are shrunkerised)

[Architectural Visualisation by Viktor Fretyan via CGSociety]

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