Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Cartographer

A new story is forming for me. The idea had its genesis in some simple sketches, but now is coming together as a much larger and more intricately constructed world. I am not sure I can do the ideas justice in words yet, but the growing army of sketches (coming soon) are proving quite inspiring for me. I have ideas, plotlines, characters, motivations, places, vehicles and more - details to come of course.

Let see if I can sum up the idea:

A young girl growing up in the hillocks surrounded by the constant swarming of the maps, feels she is starting to see meaning in their patterns. The Cloak Priests are the leaders of their society and claim all knowledge of the maps, so she explores her ideas in secret. She ventures further afield, discovering artefacts and places previously unknown through her growing understanding. Will a few friends and a mentor be enough to aid her in her destiny to comprehend the origin and meaning of the maps that swirl and shift ceaselessly across the landscape.

This could be game or film narrative really, it works as both so far. I quite like the game idea actually, being a player taking on the role of the young cartographer, growing in skill and understanding as the mysteries around them unfold.

I am finding the most inspiration in Nausicaa The Valley of the Wind so far (amongst many others including the other Ghibli films). Pics should help make sense of all this - trust me they are a coming...

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