Tuesday, 9 March 2010

News - Steaming Unity Oscars

There are several interesting pieces of news that seem worthy of mention here.

Steam on the Mac
Valve's mighty PC gaming equivalent of the App Store is now coming to the Mac. Though the number of titles will doubtless look rather paultry when compared to Windows, there will be surely be a good selection. With the number of homes armed with a Mac at home now, to attract those 'gamers' developers need to target OSX as well.
Oh and droool for Portal 2 (also coming to the Mac it seems) - great great game.


The Oscars
Digital moviemaking has probably never had such a high profile. Neither Avatar nor Up might have picked up the biggest award, but they were in there and did grab a suite of others along the way. Clearly The Hurt Locker is good stuff, so I am looking forward to seeing it. It is part of a long tradition of classy war films from Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan to Platoon and Apocalypse Now.
It was good to see that Avatar was seen as a 'good' film and not just a silly sci-fi flic. I was worried it may not be successful a year ago, I was really hoping it would be otherwise studios might not want to finance such things in the future. Whew...


Unity 3.0
Unity3D announced today the next release of their mighty cross-platform engine, v3.0, coming in the US summer. This look pretty exciting, with improvements to deferred lighting, the editor, light mapping and more more more. I am still looking at Unity for my big project and this might mean I will get a boost mid-year as well. The demo vid of the old cityscape is beautiful and shows what the engine can do - would be amazing to see this quality run in a browser ... possible ... hope so!

[Screengrab from the Unity 3 Demo via the main site]

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