Saturday, 13 March 2010

Princess Mononoke

I added to my Ghibli DVD collection today, and having never seen Princess Mononoke I was enthusiastic. This mighty film dates back to 1997 and is another wonderful experience from the master Miyazaki armed with another quality western voice cast. We are treated to another wonderful exploration through grounded characters in a fantasy world that explores the interface of civilisation and the natural world.

It is interesting to read how long it took Miyazaki to refine this tale and then to actually detail it through to completion. While I envisage a story of similar scope and elegance for The Cartographer, I can see how much work and energy would go into fully realising such a thing.
After having seen the full film now, the trailer above seems so much better actually, full of wonderful moments (while it doesnt show the little forrest ghost things which are just so cute)

Here are some wonderful images from the concept and production art for the film in a book review on Parka Blogs that particularly inspire me:

[Imagery from Princess Mononoke via Parka Blogs]

Plus here is some Deviantart inspired by the film:

[Art based on Princess Mononoke via DeviantArt by Imaginism and Kerko]

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