Monday, 22 March 2010

Recycled & Garbage Sculptures

A less digital post today, though I see relationships between these works and what we do on the computer - lets let the craft here have its day. There is some very cool art around that makes use of all manner of discarded objects and waste. Inhabitat covered these by Sayaka Ganz who has created these wonderfully dynamic and complex forms. I love the complexity and layering that come through in these, very biological/technological hybrids.

[Sayaka Ganz sculptures via Inhabitat]


Chris Gilmore went for recycling vast amounts of cardboard in his sculptures.

[Chris Gilmore sculptures via Inhabitat]


Lets let Kris Kuksi have the last say with these remarkable constructs using discarded toys and other mechanical bits and pieces. Again we see remarkable complexity and the wonderful transformative nature of taking these found objects and creating something new.

[Kris Kukli sculptures via Inhabitat]

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