Friday, 9 April 2010

Jim Lee iPad drawing

I am sure that when I finally get to play with an iPad I will find it a joy, even if its use is limited to relatively frivolous things. If it could be a graphical tool, then there is some chance of it having value as a digital sketchbook of sorts. I remain sceptical, but the legend that is Jim Lee is already starting to play with it.
Jim Lee's efforts in using Sketchbook Pro on a nice new IPad to create this image of Wonder Woman can be seen on GottaBeMobile and i09. For me it clearly lacks the detailed precision that Jim's pencil sketches have and I am not even sure if a stylus will rescue the device...

[sketchbookPro images on iPad by Jim Lee via GottaBeMobile and i09]


See also Dani Jones doing his thing on the iPad as well, this one armed with stylus:

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