Thursday, 15 April 2010

New MacbookPro Models

Yes, the revis of the MacbookPro line is here after what seemed like a long wait. There is plenty of cool upgrades inside the still beautiful cases. We get i7 which is good, SSDs are cool and we get the NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M which if we look at NotebookCheck's chart is actually pretty grunty. The spec sheet for the machines is actually very solid and for anyone who wants some Apple grunty goodness they are a welcome thing indeed. The question then is Mac vs Windows and what the same investment delivers from Dell/HP/Asus/etc. Windows7.64 makes the platform more attractive from the OS side as well and with fewer apps only on the Mac side it is still a complex decision...
Some notable omissions or shortcomings include: we dont quite get to full HD res on the panel, still no BluRay etc, only mini-displayport and once you spec it up it does start costing real money (even without the SSD I am over $4K). I am not sure whether they should have an OpenGL card option or not, if they had found a way to put a 3800 in there, that would have been cool.


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