Thursday, 8 April 2010

Unity tutorials and Audio

I was playing with my Cartographer temp level in Unity and found myself flailing around with too many concepts at once. So I went back and ran through the full FPS tutorial on the Unity 3D site. Like many tutorials I get so many assets and the code all works first time etc, quite different to the actual process. That said, it is a fun tute and does cover a fair bit of territory, not being shy to script away.

After getting through the tute I set about creating a new audio game object that would only play when the player was above a certain height. Doing something not in the tutorial is much harder! Anyhow, after a fair bit of fiddling I finally got my script to do what I needed and was elated that it does actually work. I feel much more confident now that I can build a new version of the Cartographer level and control the soundscape for my COFA project.

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