Sunday, 2 May 2010

2012 DVD

I was prepared for 2012 to live upto its reputation of a not very good film but with remarkable special effects. And true enough that is what we get. I am continually interested in what it might be that pulls a film down, it can be relatively tricky to see what the specific changes might needed to have been made to lift a mediocre piece to greatness. There are clearly emotional attachment problems in this one, plus the follow-through on some aspects could have been far stronger. The film fails to get us to feel for any characters lost or indeed countless billions along the way. In the end it is water that id the main destructive vehicle - altitude is king. When we see the things John McClean gets upto in the Die Hard series, it adds to the fun of the whole thing, here these antics take away from the great tragedy that surrounds them. The Mayans are a side note, could have left that out altogether, the science is a strange mixture of flights of fancy, guesswork and supreme precision.

Anyhow - lets not get hung up on that, the CG is amazing. We are treated with not just a CG building or street being torn asunder, but whole city blocks, whole cities. There are indeed some very cool sequences of anarchy raining on our cityscapes.
That said, The Day After Tomorrow is better all round in my book...

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