Thursday, 6 May 2010

Daz n Poser Characters

[Working Girl by Erynn via her Renderosity Gallery]

I am often impressed with the imagery that spawns from the strange little world of Poser and Daz armed with the plethora of morphs, additions and props created through the publishers and the community. The artists using these tools are often looked down upon, that everyone should be creating all their assets from a cube every time. Why not say that all the Max/Maya artists should write their own 3D modeller or their own renderer :-)

Anyhow - taking a short browse through Renderosity it is interesting to see some of the models/morphs available for characters like V4. It does make me wonder what the future of 3D might be, will we all be armed with models and rigs of the highest calibre in our tool of choice - one that we can mod rather than having to work out how to build an AVATAR rig...

Here are some of the morph products available for V4 that look pretty cool:

[V4 morph product imagery via the Renderosity store site]

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