Friday, 30 July 2010

Apple Kit and iPad art

Apple have released a slew of nifty new hardware of late (pics via the Apple site) - look at all this lovely design sense.


Yes, it doesnt seem that long since the last refresh, but the iMac now has more grunt inside the classy case. The 27" version can now sport an ATI5750 which is very nice for this form factor.

Magic Trackpad

To accompany the iMac we now have a special pad like all the laptops allowing us to use all the gestures we are now used to on a desktop. This seems like an obvious evolution really - perhaps it should be part of a WACOM tablet so we can get both sets of functionality.

iPhone 4

Plenty of hype around the new version of the ubiquitous stunner that is the iPhone. A pretty good set of feature enhancements for us, though I actually feel the squarer look makes it look more like an ordinary phone.
Coming with the new phone was iOS 4 which also gives us new software enhancements and we can use it on our older phones. It did take an afternoon to backup, install and sync through the upgrade of my current iPhone 3G. I already have folders in place which is nice.

While not so new anymore, they are starting to be seen in numbers - I am still contemplating one for sketching and comics (plus it would be fun for gaming).


By way of an example of the artwork being done on the iPad, here are some pieces by Shaun Mullen using the Layers and SketchbookPro apps and a Pogo stylus - more.

[Images by Shaun Mullen via Flickr]

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