Thursday, 29 July 2010

Starcraft2 Cinematic Wonders and Lego

Blizzard are masters of the cinematic trailer. Not only are their games of the highest quality, the trailers that inspire us all to dive into those worlds are magnificent. Case in point - the promo trailers for the long awaited Starcraft sequel.

and this too:

These videos show off a class in storytelling over the wonderful audiovisual pieces. I like the characters they have built into this world, considering when we are playing there are no characters - just sacrificable transformed resources. These characters add personality and for me a desire to play the Terrans, even though once in the RTS environment I will no doubt be all Zergie.

See the Blizzard site for other trailers to inspire!


Perhaps just as inspirational is this clever little piece of Lego Starcraft work:

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