Friday, 6 August 2010


A couple of cool robotics items.

[CRAB imagery by Jamie Martin design via his site]

The CRAB models, rendering and videos are the creative spawn of Jamie Martin whos site features these police robots on the rampage along with a host of other design projects. Here are some of the stills followed by the vids which show off the design, model and storytelling. There is plenty of Robocop in the logic, but I think that story still holds plenty of relevance - anyhow enjoy the fun:


Onto a piece of real robotics, and robotics attached to people - does that make a more cybernetic thing? Here is the HULC or Lockheed Martin's Human Universal Load Carrier which is such a clever thing that can follow instantaneously the wearers movement. There is always that concern that if things go wrong it might pull your legs off - but assuming things are working it looks very very clever and must have medical or other mobility applications outside the military as well.

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