Monday, 2 August 2010

Fermi cometh

I have been looking forward to this next generation of grunt in a graphics card and NVIDIA are delivering some serious firepower for us. The new Quadro Fermi cards have specs that are off the charts and I am keen to see them in action, should have our first Fermi workstation in and running here in FBE in a month or so.
This short article on CGSociety does a good job of summarising the joy coming our way. Our HP quotes are likely to steer us to the Quadro6000 (6GB DDR5, 448 CUDA cores) in a Z800 Workstation for our first foray. I am still not sure of the bang4buck vs a crazy-spec gaming rig with the GeForce cards like the GTX480 though (specs) - more investigation and thinking needed. Regardless we are in for some fun times with respect to our simulation and rendering needs. IRay in Mental Ray looks approachable for us, while CFX alas doesnt...

Since I will have to post more once I know more - here are some videos to keep the enthusiasm high : Fluid simulation, Then VRay fun:

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