Thursday, 26 August 2010

Game Engine Power and 4A

Checking on the performance of the ever improving array of graphics cards from ATI and NVIDIA is often done by seeing how they cope with various games or game engines. Games push these cards to the limit and every now and again the games we use to compare cards evolves. If we look at NotebookCheck's chart there are newcomers joining the staying power of Crysis. Popular games like Starcraft 2 are there, but Metro 2033 is the first to add a scary red bar to the chart for a while.

Metro 2033 was created by 4A Games using their new 4A Game Engine. It will be interesting to see if the engine has legs. Engine details on Eurogamer and video of the engine features. Here are some trailers all created within the game.

Plus a few screenshots:

[Metro 2033 screenshots via the official site]


The HP8740w machines we have been getting in FBE lately for the graphically oriented staff sport the 3800m cards which fair very well in this list given their leanings towards openGL performance etc - cool.

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