Friday, 6 August 2010

Nekro 13 Inches

[13 Inches birdcage mask concept image via Nekro's CGProfile - see there for unshrunk version]

Borja Fresco Costal (aka nekro) has created a fascinating world of art and jewellery under the banner of 13 Inches. The graphic impact is very high, yet there is a softness and delicacy that shifts the pieces from being dark gothic to a more romantic state. I think the high contrast gray pallet with the red elements is very striking and the quality is so high that it is a delight to go from image to image.

Here are a few images from her CGProfile, other versions on her Gallery - but visit her blog and other sites to see the full effect:

[13 Inches imagery via Nekro's CGProfile - see there for unshrunk versions]

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