Monday, 30 August 2010

Wowzers Eorzea in Crysis

Ulysses182 (aka Ante Rendulic) from Crymod has been treating us with his WIP for his Eorzea project for a while now. The work was stunning right from the get-go, sometime later we are treated to some gorgeous environmental eye candy. Lets start with his little video to get this look at the work going:

I love the clarity and depth that the CryEngine allows creative talents to bring to our screens. I look at this with my next-project-glasses on and with Moths, Butterflies and their environment in mind, the appeal of the engine is at a high.

Even the stills of his WIP from the thread convey a great deal of natural beauty (inspired by the FinalFantasy XIV trailer). The sweeping waterfalls, scraggly rock outcrops, tangled jungle and whispy clouds are all handled with grace - using the engines strengths. Clearly there is room for improvements all over the level, but I am still inspired by what he has created.

Ok lets have a few more pics - but check the thread for the higher-res versions and much more more more:

[Ulysses182 CryEngine WIP images via CryMod]

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