Sunday, 26 September 2010

Lego Architecture

Lego is very cool stuff, so when an artist like Adam Reed Tucker uses the medium to create his vision of some famous modern architecture the result is this. Brickstructures shows off this endeavour with images and commentary on some 15 giant lego models. Lego have joined in from their side as well, releasing some special smaller versions in collaboration with Tucker.

[Lego Architecture by Adam Reed Tucker via his Brickstructures site]


But lets tip our hats to some magic by Danish architecture practice BIG. They have a very cool video showing their construction of a huge model for an exhibition. Check out NinjavsPenguin blog for some stills, but take a look at what 250,000 bricks and plenty of man-hours can create:


Hell, lets finish with a little news-bit on Legoland California. You can even take a StreetView stroll past the attractions...

Plus their promo video for those that like rides - lego-themes rides at that!


I would love to have this many lego bricks...

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