Thursday, 2 September 2010


Here is an artist who draws together the stylings of graffiti, comics and also digital work to create an array of work that is bursting with energy and style. Filipe Aguiar, aka ScorpionBlaze has a range of work on his Deviantart Gallery which show off his work in various media. Abduzeedo collected a set of them for his blog as well - inspirational stuff. Here are some examples from 2 of the sections in his gallery - check there for many more and higher res.

Marker Sketches

[ScorpionBlaze work via his Deviantart gallery]


[ScorpionBlaze work via his Deviantart gallery]

Oh and I love the t-shirt design on this one - extra cute!

[ScorpionBlaze work via his Deviantart gallery]

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