Saturday, 25 September 2010

Trailer Park

This post is a simple collection of some recent trailers for both games and film that caught my eye for some reason. These show off their game/film with great gusto, inspiring our engagement with the franchise, characters and worlds. The craft of creating an experience in 1 or 2 mins is also something I continue to draw inspiration from. Well lets check out 8 videos

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part1
This trailer started its own burst of activity on twitter and certainly puts to rest any thoughts of this long running set of films losing any appeal. The little kids are all frown up and holding the screen and the effects work is stunning - this enhances the magical feel of it all. Bill Nighy is awesome!

Halo Reach
The Launch trailer for Bungi's last mega game in the franchise. Here they overload the senses with everything that makes the series shine and builds the logic for the new directions and the gameplay awaiting their legions of fans.

Legend of the Guardians
From the creators of Happy Feet comes a fully CG adventure story. Owls taking on all the character roles makes for a new take on the many fantasy journey type stories. The CG looks gorgeous, all those feathers and flying.

Marvel vs Capcom 3
The Marvel characters just look incredible, full of power, style and flair. The graphical treatment brings to life the comic medium and when we insert the Japanese feel of the Capcom elements the energy, angles and grace goes up to suit.

Tron Legacy
The ultra-cult status of the original film means this is clearly one to watch - check out how modern CG and design is bringing the world back.

The Last Airbender
Maybe not the greatest film (from what I hear from people who have seen it), but the trailers are graphical showcases, this version has more of the kids/characters in it.

Raving Rabbids
Here are the pesky rabbids taking on the Wild West - cool huh!

Big, dark, mysterious, ominous take on alien disaster and giant monster tales. Here we get the mini narrative form of the trailer, showing just enough to lure us in without giving away too much and slicing the footage to tweak things away from what really happens.

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