Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tron Legacy Concepts

Tron is one of those classic sci-fi films, the decision to bring it back to our screens must have been exciting for any concept artists and/or industrial designers who might join the fun. There is a nice collection of the Tron: Legacy Concept Art on Collider. There is work here from Daniel Simon, Phil Saunders, Robert McKinnon, Neville Page and David Levy to admire. They all bring a careful, constructible, industrial design grounded authenticity to their ultra stylish and sci-fi-cool design work. The famous light-cycles now look like they could be made for real and the light-suits wearable in this rounded new world crafted for the film.

Here are a few of the concept images for Tron: Legacy by these talented guys:

[Tron:Legacy concept art via]

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