Sunday, 5 September 2010

Unreal Cel Shading

Here I am swapping back and forth in praise for game engines, from CryEngine to the more adopted Unreal3 Engine. Well, one thing the Unreal engine has shown is that it can do Cel Shading as the hit of last year, Borderlands, attests. I am not sure if CryEngine 3 will head this direction, or if it just takes a title to invest in it. Borderland's artistic wonders may not be accessible to the rest of us though - would be great if it were.

I like Cel-Shading, it often heightens the character of elements in the same way as comic art - honing in on the critical elements. Often realism isnt the target, but a stylistic vision that is often better expressed in forms like illustration, drawing, sketching etc. This is true not only in games/film but also visualisation where the distinctive character of a design or proposal is what needs to be communicated.

Here are vids and pics from Borderlands showing off the Cel shading and creative design work:

[Borderlands screenshots via the official site]

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