Monday, 4 October 2010

Butterfly Concept

Following on from the Moth concept a few days ago, here is a Butterfly using the same method. Once again I took a J. Scott Campbell image, this time of Storm from the X-Men flying which was handy to get the more weightless feel. Below I have the WIP images from that point, but first here is the final image showing off how the Butterflies are all about sunlight, colour, vibrance and their use of constructed armour, jewels etc. I have her helmet up so we can see her eyes and I hope she comes out as vibrantly on other screens...

I think I would do cut gems next time around and try to get more intricate tracery into the armour and jewellery. These WIP images show how the base form of JSC's image is still there in all its glory, though I didnt capture some of the more subtle elements of his work by a long shot. I think this shows how the Butterflies will look, each with their own armour and wing patterns to help tell them apart, just like their Moth counterparts.

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