Sunday, 31 October 2010

GameInformer Mag and Resistance 3

I picked up my first copy of the GameInformer magazine and was pleasantly surprised at the quality therein. There are some quite insightful thoughts on the various games and nice detail on the creation and design thinking behind others. For a mag it is very cheap, only $5 here in Oz. Civ V gets a great little review: "Civ V is a towering, triple-A release with millions of dollars worth of polish" - I am very much looking forward to this one day.

The feature article in the Mag is on the design and creation of the upcoming Resistance 3. The article covers alot of detail about the world they have created and the evolution of it from the previous title. Not being armed with a PS3, it is still very cool to see the concept art being created for the game. Gorgeous stuff which GI have on their US site as a wallpaper for us. The art does a super job of showing the downtrodden world, the scale of the problem being faced and technology we are resorting to. They also have a video of the creators talking about some of the design work on the games, story, technology, aesthetics and gameplay.

[Resistance3 concept art via the GameInformer site]

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