Thursday, 7 October 2010


With new workstation laptops ordered, I now have the agonising wait - so why not fill that with crazy thoughts of mice!

[Razer Tron mouse products via the official site]
Razer - what better place to start than with their range of mice, from stylish gamer to ultra-geek. Razer make some beautiful mice, with specs, features and capabilities beyond where more normal mice fear to glide. Check the Razer site for all the details, but high precision, polling rates, optimisation combine with ergonomics, lights, branding, lotsa buttons and gamer-style.
There are also the special edition models for WoW, Starcraft2, Tron and more with matching keyboards, mousemats and other tricks up their gamer sleeves.

[Razer mouse products via the official site]

Logitech may have a more normal feel about their brand, but they make lovely gear and these mouse options are good examples of that.

[Logitech mice via the official site]

Microsoft have had sidewinders for some time and look they have a little notebook mouse that flips over to become a wireless presenter as well - very clever.

[Microsoft mice via the official site]

Roccat are all about showy mice, with the lights and customisations - look great dont they.

[Roccat mice via the official site]

Lets leave the final word to the crazed designers at CyborgGaming who bring us the R.A.T. and for ood measure the F.L.Y.

[CyborgGaming mouse and joysticks via their official site]

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