Sunday, 31 October 2010

Moths vs Butterflies Lens 7

I decided I should throw my current Moths vs Butterflies thinking at Jesse Schell's Lens #7: The Lens of the Elemental Tetrad. Here is a brief look at things via the 4 basic elements and where things are upto:

Moths vs Butterflies and The Lens of the Elemental Tetrad

The deep jungle overflowing with life of all sorts. Light coming down is streams from far above with Moth and Butterfly alike able to explore the various levels of the immense forest. The two races draw on different colour pallets, the Moths being brown and green with some yellow and orange - the Butterflies having a rainbow centred around more saturated blue and purple.
The environmental sound is crucial to the experience, the trees and wildlife around the player combines with the flapping wings and the background music.

The CryEngine is the beautiful starting point for the world, its ability to create dense and emotive jungle environments is key. The human and alien characters in the engine are a good sign that insectish creatures will work and the zero-gravity level and other flying creatures should help with the airborne nature of our main characters.

The narrative is coming together with the slow revelation that the protagonists need to move past the ongoing conflict between Moth and Butterfly. That there is a greater threat that needs both their skill sets in order to protect their world. That each character will need to learn how to move past their initial hatred, to forgive past deeds and to even battle their own kind who don't agree in order to defeat the mutations that threaten the jungle.
There is a need to create some more defined characters - we need to care about individuals in order to care about the culture that sits behind them.

This is the are with the most uncertainty. I have various alternatives for this part of the game world, where the choice is predominantly based on the time and energy required to move up a complexity scale. My current favourite is to integrate an illustrated novel within the jungle setting itself, to make it like a 3D ebook reader set in the world of the story being told.

With the new HP8740w all but ready I can start working with 3ds Max and Mudbox as well as CryEngine to do some preliminary mock-ups as well.

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