Sunday, 17 October 2010

MvB - Butterfly Weapon Studies

As part of fleshing out not only the world for Moths vs Butterflies and also detailing what models I will need to create to bring into the engine - here are a series of Butterfly Weaponry concept studies. The Butterflies are all about sharp weapons for piercing and slicing and show off their craftsmanship and sleek lines. The weapons are adorned with cut gems, runes and script that present their cultural direction and some sun inspired elements as well.

I did all this in a sketchy way straight in photoshop using my normal WACOM tablet, the hand-eye thing still isnt like using the Cintiq's. Before long drawing on screens directly will just be completely standard ... one day soon I hope. I was a little nervous that working in white on black like this would be hard on my eyes (like reading white text on black), but all was well. So now I just need to wage the war against all those websites and blogs that continue to torture me.

Plus, being on layers in my photoshop file, I could merge the sets together - looks cool like this.

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