Saturday, 23 October 2010

Peripherals and bits

With the date getting closer for the arrival of our new HP 8740w machines one starts looking at peripherals even more. I am looking forward to some heavy dev time in CryEngine and the modelling and audio applications along with the image and video software.
So with the basic machine sorted, what about all the extra bits. Window-shopping via the browser leads to places with cool things that I should walk past... While there are heaps o options I am liking the idea of the Logitech G700 wireless mouse with all its buttons which should prove handy for modelling as well. Wireless surround sound headset, lets let Logitech take that one as well with the giant G930. Then lets pack it all away in the Booq Mamba backpack, style and size. Engadget have a review of the G700 and G930 at the same time eve. Yes, all too extravagant, but one can dream and there are much more extravagant options out there :-)

[Hardware goodies]

I also like the Roccat Pyra and these guys make a nice surround headset as well!

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