Sunday, 3 October 2010


The Blender Institute has released its latest short film, Sintel. With previous proects, Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny they certainly showed that the Open Source software and pipelines could do the job. This time they set the bar far higher, and thus needed a much bigger team, reading through their production struggles in the 3D World #135 actually gives me even more respect for the finished result. I do find myself watching the animation, modelling, rendering, effects and such though, maybe because it is a Blender project.

The result is beautiful. The end script is tight, and works so well as a short film - following the Exposition, Conflict, Resolution pattern. Clearly Blender 2.5 and a suite of supporting applications have held up to the task...

The site is crammed with stacks of production images, video and commentary. You will find concept art, rigging videos and plenty more, here are a few final image shots to admire the visual quality of the film:

[Sintel images via the official site]

So here it is, the finished piece:

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