Saturday, 27 November 2010

COFA Annual

Spent a nice morning at CarriageWorks where the COFA Graduation Exhibition (Annual) is in full flight. It was wonderful to see all the various programs exhibiting together and intermingled, digital media next to painting, next to video art, photography and more.

First it was great to see James' FiT-iN, having its own little stand and looking good. Other people graduating that I spent time with include Kylie and Natvatoo,

I really enjoyed exploring some of the painting and digital photography works, but one of the key reasons for going was to see what my fellow Digital Media students achieved. Sabrina was the only one with a real-time immersive digital environment of some kind. So I am confident that Moths vs Butterflies will still be pretty unique. It looks like many of the digital media students struggled to complete their works given the low numbers on display.

Here are some images I took on the day of the place, markets and works:

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