Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cool AR Hardware

We seem to have been waiting for Vuzix to release their latest AR/VR glasses, but the iWear Wrap 310XLs are finally ready. We have barely scratched the surface with FBE's current glasses, but with the order for these new ones going through as well it will fun to see the Augmented Reality (and Virtual Reality) architectural uses coming through.

Correction: It is the Wrap 920AR glasses that are the new ones we are ordering at the moment and they are even more bells and whistles for us to play with, and they better be good for the much heftier pricetag.

[Vuzix 310XL glasses via gizmosforgeeks and brightsideofthenews]

[Vuzix 920AR glasses via engadget and the vuzix site]

PLUS, the Parrot Wi-Fi quadricopter. Augmented Reality ARdrones are now avialable for us directly in Australia. We have been intrigued to see if these can fill a desire to mix Augmented Reality and full scale architecture for us from more of a birdseye perspective. Well, they also look very cool:

[Parrot ARdrone pic via the official site]

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