Sunday, 7 November 2010

District 9

Another film I hadnt seen before was the much talked about District 9. I had heard great things about this South Aftrican film and was looking forward to it. The film is a great surprise in many ways, the storytelling takes a different approach with a semi documentary feel which lends the tale some serious grounding. We see the characters and events much more as real and threatened than we might for characters in a clearly fictional setting. The notion of how we treat our fellow man is core to the film, explored through our relationship with the aliens. This is beautifully orchestrated, delivering a thought provoking experience which hopefully sat with people.

[District 9 imagery via]

I loved the detail of the world created around this slum of aliens, you can see this on the websites where the world is fleshed out even more - wonderful stuff.

The CG work here is top notch as well, the world is completely believable with the pieces of tech fitting in where required without the film feeling like a CG thing at all.

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