Thursday, 11 November 2010

Hologram models

Who doesnt like a good hologram, well Zebra Imaging have created a commercial process for printing large architectural holograms from software like Revit. The idea is to create alternatives to physical models and going by the video the results are very cool and would be super to see in the FBE student design context. This news is coming from the Autodesk University event, great to see this kind of hardware innovation there as well.

After we all watched this at work today, we are intrigued how well it works in person. Holograms are a quirky technology that sometimes is gorgeous to behold and at other times just feels too imperfect, that we need to adjust our preception too much to appreciate the content. going by the images on their site, it just looks stunning - cant wait...

[Zebra Imaging holographic visualisation via their site]

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