Sunday, 7 November 2010

Iron Man 2

The Blu-Ray was my first viewing of Favreau's Iron Man 2. The first film was beautifully crafted and engaging, drawing us in to this world of Tony Stark, both the technological and the human. The second film draws on this but doesnt have the same clarity of the first. The SHIELD pieces in the first film were more quirky, here they dont add to the experience. The clarity of good and bad here is murkier and for a superhero film this (for me) made it less enjoyable rather than more arty or deeper.

[Iron Man 2 wallpaper imagery via the official site]

I still liked all the characters and having a robotic army to battle made complete sense. The notion of Stark having technology that everyone wants is good. The CG work was very classy, now just completely seamless with the actors and their environment. It reminds me of Transformers2, a nice extension from the first film, but lacking the precision as a viewer of the first.

The CGSociety article on Perception and Pixel Liberation's contribution to the film is interesting - all about their work for the HUDs. And the official site is cool.

Perhaps I am being too harsh, it is still a great ride with all the pizazz of a huge action superhero flick. ANother great realisation of comicdom - we have certainkly arrived at an age where filmakers can create wonderful worlds for us. I need to spend some time with the special features actually.

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