Saturday, 6 November 2010

TF2 Goodness

With the new computer purrring along I decided to take a long awaited foray into Team Fortress 2. I have only ever had short looks at the game admiring the visuals, Valve did a stunning job on the look, the character design, the animation and the whole gameplay energy and fun level.

I love watching the game do its thing as I am playing. The base looks and gear are great, but with all the additional loadouts hats and such there is more individuality than ever. With the Halloween maps in play, seeing our brave characters cowering from the ghost is gorgeous.

The realisation of the concept is just so good, lets take a little TF2 artwork tour. First if you havent watched the class trailers, then they are a must - super work in every facet. Great Aussie accent for the Sniper) Lets take an image set from as they have a great gallery featuring artwork and ingame fun:

[TF2 imagery via]

There is a fair bit of fan artwork out there drawing inspiration from the game as well, several people making posters of all girl combatants (but none really captured the essence). I still like this piece:

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