Thursday, 9 December 2010

3ds Max 20 Years Trailer

I just installed the Crysis Wars and Sandbox2 kit onto my machine, I was going to wait until we sort out the license server for CryEngine3, but this will keep me going for a little longer. We are experimenting with how to work with the various versions of 3ds Max, Collada exporters and Sandbox2 to get a workflow that we can endure for all our models. Older versions are nicely supported, but that is no fun, so we are playing with ideas on this.

In the meantime, here is Autodesk's 20 years of 3ds Max showreel:

I like seeing how far things have come, in some ways these things can seem painstakingly slow, flooded with tiny incremental improvements. When seen on a larger timescale we certainly have come a long way and also have a long way to go (there is still too much pain and translation and micromanagement and re-creation and such).

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