Friday, 10 December 2010

Getting started with Sandbox2 for MvB

While we are working through the licensing and server for CryEngine3 I decided to get a start with Sandbox2 which I havent really looked at for over a year now. So I installed Crysis Wars and then the Editor in the way we use them in FBE with the students.

The game, Mod tools and such installed fine but the Sandbox 2 Editor just failed on startup every time once it got to "initializing views". After trying a heap of the usual things (compatibility, admin, UAC and more) under Win7.64 I got some help which led me to this great post by one of the students who had the same problem. Rosemarie Still's blog for BENV2423 covers how to fix the conflict with the Wacom windows services (Tablet PC Input Service) which after stopping it things are alive. Now I just need to choose Sanbox2 or the tablet, this is ok as I dont use both at the same or similar times.

While I have big plans for environments and interactivity in the engine, to start with I will just create some practice maps to get the hang of things while I do a heap more design thinking and concept work for Moths vs Butterflies.

I did find and fractionally fix up this short description of the world of MvB:
The Moths and Butterflies have been in perpetual battle for as long as either can remember with atrocities, victims, and heroes on both sides. The vast valley network has seen war waged through Moth and Butterfly settlements alike with each new generation emerging into the world with new threats on their way of life. Indeed a vast new threat is emerging, flowing from the toxic caves, mutations spreading from plant to creature to creature. Will any see past the history, propaganda and prejudice for long enough to bring their unique talents together - and thus stand a chance against this peril now threatening all life in their rich and remarkable environment.

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