Sunday, 12 December 2010


I had been looking forward to this, Inception on BluRay looks and sounds incredible. Christopher Nolan brings all the intensity and cerebral thrill from The Dark Knight to bear on this story and world that blends ideas from the Matrix, Total Recall and Jason Bourne into a potent film. We are treated to an experience that has us thinking and wondering during and well after.

The super soundtrack by Hans Zimmer lends some real weight to things and stands on its own so well. Time is the quintessential track from the score which lends itself so well to the intense bass rumbling used in the soundscape of the film - shaking us about (imaging that in an IMAX theatre).

Plotwise, Inception delivers a compelling story that like the journey of the characters leads us in deeper and deeper. We are drawn in by the main plotline for sure, but it is the disturbing tale of the main character (Cobb) and his wife that really grabs us. There are a suite of little hooks that dont really play out or get the attention they might have deserved, taking a back seat to the main threads - I wondered if they might release a longer cut actually. Things like: is Cobb's world actually real in the first place, is the whole movie taking place in a dream, how can we tell; Ariadne's power to change the world isnt explored later on etc.

Check out (after watching of course) the FAQ on IMDB for heaps of theories around what is really going on. I thought the cast is great, the characters are a good blend of heroic typecasting and believability. Ariadne, our master of the maze is great and we all liked Arthur.

These Wallpapers show off the concept and characters of the film with real flair.

[Inception promo images via the official site]

The CG and effects work was first class, flawlessly integrated such that we really cant tell while watching where the boundaries are. Double Negative (DNeg) delivered all 500 FX shots for the film and CGSociety have a great feature article detailing the work: Imaculate Inception: Giving Birth to a Dream.

You should visit Paul Christopher's blog - one of the concept artists on the film, but he has much more than that to show and concept art is very cool stuff.


and just for fun, here is the guys at from taking on Inception:

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